CHF Ion Exchanger



Put anion and cation into the same exchanger proportionally, due to ion exchanger principle, H⁺ and OH⁻ combine to water molecules (H₂o). Ion exchanger is suitable for further refining primary pure water, generally set after anion and cation exchanger. It can also be set after the electro-dialysis or reverse osmosis in series. The treated high purity water is available for high pressure boiler.


  • Medical
  • Paper making
  • Electronic industry
  • High pressure boiler
  • Chemical and other industrial sectors applications


  • High efficiency
  • Stable water supply
  • PH Value is neutralised
  • Designed pressure: 0.6MPa
  • Working temperature: 5 degrees Celsius – 40 degrees Celsius
  • Output salt content < 0.1mg/L
  • Output silica content < 0.05mg/L