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So Pure Enterprises is the supplier of world renowned and trusted water and waste water equipment and products namely from Dow, Pentair, Protec Arisawa, Pulsafeeder, CHF, Micon, MMP and Watts.  So Pure Enterprises is the main Distributor for Watts in the region.

BBH150 Big Bubba® Non-Metallic Filter Housings for High Flow

With optional activated carbon cartridge to remove Chlorine, bad tastes, foul odours and sediment.

Rugged Construction

Filter housings are made of rugged, glass-reinforced polypropylene so they will not chip, rust or dent. Also because all wetted surfaces are non-metallic, they are ideal when chemical compatibility is an issue and for sea water applications.

Proprietary Cartridges

The replacement cartridge for the Watts whole house filter is totally proprietary, so you may enjoy the replacement cartridge business over the life of the equipment

Conserves Water!

Watts whole house filters with our proprietary pleated activated carbon cartridge conserves water because backwashing is not required, making them 100% efficient.


Big Bubba® Cartridge Filters are ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Whole house filtration
  • Commercial filtration
  • Industrial filtration
  • Pre-filtration for reverse osmosis equipment
  • Community water systems
  • Sea water applications due to their noncorrosive construction
  • Replacement for bag filters more filter area
  • Replacement for multiple cartridge filters for greater convenience
  • Water for livestock and poultry

Pleated Cartridges

Ideal cartridges for more critical applications, offering greater efficiency, more surface area for greater throughput and reduced costs.


  • BBC-150-P1A PP 1 Absolute Micron
  • BBC-150-P1 PP 1 Micron
  • BBC-150-P5 PP 5 Micron
  • BBC-150-P20 PE 20 Micron
  • BBC-150-P50 PE 50 Micron
  • BBC-150-PPM150 Mesh 150 Micron

Depth Cartridges

Melt blown polypropylene cartridges are recommended when depth filtration is necessary for gelatinous substances and when chemical resistance is required.


  • BBC-150-D1 1 Micron
  • BBC-150-D5 5 Micron
  • BBC-150-D20 20 Micron
  • BBC-150-D50 50 Micron

Activated Carbon

Ideal whole house filtration to reduce chlorine, taste, odours and sediment; micron rating: 10; double O-ring seals; proprietary filter for Big Bubba Cartridge Filters, model# BBH-150.

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